Geniuslink Review

Genius Link is a fantastic online service to re-route Amazon affiliate links to your visitors local Amazon store.  In doing this, you have more chance of making a successful sale and receiving a commission. 

UPDATE: 15th December 2017 – Pricing update
UPDATE: 23rd December 2017 – New beta feature – Amazon Link Health Monitor

What is Geniuslink?

Genius Link is aimed at anyone who uses affiliate links for Amazon Associates, Apple Itunes and Microsoft Store on their website, blog or online content.  If you have an international market, it makes sense to cater for them and send them to the correct outlet so that they can make a successful purchase.

Who is Geniuslink for?

Geniuslink is aimed at anyone with an online presence and an international audience.  Geniuslink is very popular with bloggers, Youtubers, social media users as well as large organisations with an online platform.

Geniuslink can work for anyone who creates online content. 

  • Affiliates
  • Creators
  • Brands
  • Retailers
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If you have spent time creating content, you ideally want to monetise it without big flash banner ads.  Geniuslink provides a discreet method of adding local and international affiliate links to your content.  If you have already created content with Amazon affiliate links, Geniuslinks will give you the option to convert them via a WordPress plugin or a Javascript code.

Why affiliates use Geniuslink?

There are a few reasons why an affiliate such as myself would use Geniuslink:

  • Boosted commissions
    • With buyers being sent to the correct store, conversion will be higher
  • Auto affiliation







Initial Thoughts

I have been using Geniuslink for a few weeks so these are my initial impressions.  My affiliate sites do not have significant traffic so it will take me a few weeks to gather data and see if this really works at increasing my successful sales commissions.  Early results appear to capture clicks to other Amazon stores from my Amazon UK links so it looks positive.  The post will be updates with more data soon.

UPDATE: The Core package price has updated to a fabulous $0.  That is for new and existing customers (like me!).  this is for 1000 clicks, then it is $5 per 5000 clicks.  This only valid until 31/01/2018.

This is good new for users with low traffic blogs requiring a cheap (free!) solution to manage international links.  I only had a few hundred clicks so this saves me a bit of monthly outgoing to buy new scripts.

It seems like the plan will be permanently at this level of 1000 clicks then x per 5000 clicks.  The special offer $0 and $5 may change after this date.

New Beta Feature - Amazon Link Health Monitor

UPDATE: I just discovered this feature, maybe GeniusLink should send an email when something new is added.

This is a very interesting feature and something I have previously thought about but never seen enacted in any Amazon affiliate plugin.  The main purpose of this feature is to alert you to issues that your site users may experience with your Amazon affiliate linked items being unavailable.  This can sour the experience for the use of your site and mean that you may miss out on affiliate income.

The new feature will alert you to an item being out of stock or unavailable in the API.  Amazon products are constantly updating so GeniusLink are developing their services to enable users to act quickly to update and rectify issues that arise with affiliate links.

How does it work?  GeniusLink have explained it briefly as follows:

As I only just discovered this, I am yet to try it so I cannot offer real experience on how it works or if it works well at all.  I will test it out and post some images of the setup.

This is the initial review, a more comprehensive review will follow shortly with actual screen shots of the control panel.

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