Azon Authority Review

AzonAuthoroity is a WordPress plugin which allows easy importing of Amazon products into a Woocommerce store.  AzonAuthority is a premium plugin not a freemium and has a few additional features over other similar plugins.

Azon Authority Discontinued

Unfortunately, Azon Authority is no longer being developed, I highly recommend this alternative for WordPress.

What you need

AzonAuthority is a WordPress plugins so this is essential, also required is Woocommerce and an Amazon Associates account – all three are free of charge.

Recommended server specification is as follows:

  • PHP 5.3+
  • Curl
  • WordPress 3.0+
  • Woocommerce 2.0+

What does Azon Authority cost?

AzonAuthority is available as a multi site Professional package or single site licence. There is a multi site licence but the professional costs $0.67 more so I won’t include that option.

Single SiteProfessional (Unlimited)
Direct Amazon API Direct Amazon API
Smartsync Updates Smartsync Updates
90 day cookie 90 day cookie
Discount HunterDiscount Hunter
Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

My experience with Azon Authority

I purchased Azon Authority when I was fairly new to Amazon affiliate marketing and WordPress.  In fact, it was the first WordPress plugin I purchased.  My first 2 stores were more research and testing stores to see how it worked and what I could do.

As I was new to WordPress, I stuck with the ProfitBuilder Lite theme provided free with Azon Authority.  I found the theme to be a little clunky, a bit slow and not that easy to customise.  The tutorials are pretty good, so getting started should be fairly easy – previous WordPress experience will help a lot here.

The ProfitBuilder Lite theme has moved on to a newer, faster drag and drop theme so it is easier to setup out of the box so to speak.

Azon Authority itself is similar to other plugins, some parts look identical to slightly cheaper plugins.  The added theme is a bonus and there are a few added features that make it different.   The keyword research tool is handy and the discount finder is different.

When I first purchased it, I was signed to with 5 hosting providers.  My main host had PHP 5.6 running whilst most of my other hosts had PHP 7.  I noticed an issue with Azon Authority, it  would appear to be working fine, then when trying to import products and post the products, the page would almost hang.  I would leave the page open to import products, sometimes after 1 hour only 1-2 products would import.  

After raising a support ticket and providing some information, I was told that Azon Authority works best with PHP 5.6.  That was an issue for me as I was changing to a new host (20i) and their specialist WordPress platform was PHP7 only.

I left it for a while, then tried again and it appears to be working fine with PHP7 now, importing products has never been faster.  There was no notification of any changes and the requirements still lists PHP 5.3+ but it works fine for me now.

Try Azon Authority

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