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YIVE 3 Review – Amazing Video Creation for Marketing

YIVE is the acronym for Your Instant Video Empire, it is a cloud-based app for creating videos and uploading to YouTube for affiliate marketing or any sort of promotion.

Who is YIVE 3 for?

YIVE 3 is ideally for affiliate marketers as it allows for easy video creation for Amazon products, there are addons to create YouTube video content from RSS feeds and URLs.

When will YIVE 3 be released?

YIVE 3 was released for beta today (10th Feb 2020), after several weeks in beta it should be ready for full release.

From simple testing and watching the tutorials, this really blows away the previous YIVE – there are so many more features including techniques to keep your YouTube account safe.

Once the release date is launched, I will post the details here along with pricing and OTO upsells.

I did a review of the previous version, in particular, the YIVE Amazon module – it really worked for me. Read the YIVE review here.

As of 6th March, still no news on public release yet, even existing beta users have restricted access as some of the features are being tweaked as the opening weeks created some issues.

From what I have seen of it so far, it is worth the wait. The content creation possibilities look incredible plus the added features to help keep your accounts alive look great. More about that when I regain full access.

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