YIVE 3 Review

YIVE 3 Review – Amazing Video Creation for Marketing

In this YIVE review I will go through the features, pricing and benefits of this amazing system.  I will mention how I use YIVE to make me Amazon Associates sales, drive traffic to my websites and blogs and also how I increase the YouTube channel authority on my new and existing channels. Try YIVE 3 2020 release now.

When does YIVE 3 Launch?

Monday 13th April 11am EST / 4pm BST (UK)

The launch is finally happening on 13th April 2020, it has been a while but it is worth the wait – trust me!

YIVE is only open for purchase for a limited time and limited users – this not a scare tactic, this is to ensure the system is stable. 

I have been in the beta and have experienced the upgrades to the system first hand, tweaks and modifications have been added to ensure the system works for everyone.

This is the review of the YIVE 3, 2020 release. You may have read my review of the previous version of YIVE, this blows it away!

yive review dashboard
YIVE Dashboard

How Much does YIVE Cost?

The pricing has changed for YIVE 3 as it is more of a complete system, it not only creates content that drives sales and traffic but it also maintains your accounts – more of that later.

The pricing is now monthly as the resources required to maintain the YIVE system are far more intensive – a monthly fee is the only way to maintain this system.

PRICING UPDATE – 26/06/2020

The price for the starter package will increase to $67 from $47 sometime in the next few days as there have been massive upgrades on the backend hardware and coding. If you purchase BEFORE the increase, you will remain at the lower price.

The remaining packages will also increase, once the price is set I will update.

PRICING UPDATE – 15/07/2020

Good News!

The plans to increase the pricing on all of the package have been shelved and are no longer going ahead. If you had purchased at the new price, raise a support ticket and you will receive a refund or discount on the following month subscription.

This is great news as for new marketers, $67 is quite steep, $47 is a good place to start until you start making real money with YIVE.

The Starter and Professional pricing will remain the same as before, the Enterprise plan will increase.

YIVE Pricing

There are 2 pricing options, monthly or yearly – yearly is discounted.

Starter: $39pm ($470/year) or $47 monthly

Professional: $81pm ($970/year) or $97 monthly

Enterprise: $164pm ($1970/year) or $197 monthly (increasing soon)

There is, of course, a 30-day money-back guarantee.

YIVE is not your average churn and burn software, it is a real business tool with real systems in place to maintain it and keep it going.  

Right now, I bet you are using multiple tools, proxies, VPNs to create content, upload content, manage channels and so on.  YIVE replaces all of these and gives you one central location to manage your accounts – manage your business!

yive review features

Who is YIVE For?

YIVE is for all sorts of marketers, most notably, affiliate marketers and those with agency clients requiring exposure – who doesn’t need traffic from the number 2 search engine, YouTube?

YIVE is a serious tool for serious users, the results speak for themselves, check the proofs and read the testimonials for yourself. 

If you promote products and service and receive a commission then YIVE is a fantastic tool for your marketing arsenal, it may even replace other tools!

If you provide SEO or traffic services to clients, YIVE is an amazing tool that drives traffic to any site in any niche.

How can I use YIVE?

YIVE is a powerful tool that opens up avenues for monetisation and traffic you may not have considered or used before. Here are a few ways to use YIVE that you should consider:

  • Easily Make Money from Amazon with Product Videos
  • Drive Traffic to Your Sites
  • Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos
  • Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Campaigns
  • Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Products
  • Drive Traffic to Your Adsense Blogs or Auto Blogs
  • Drive Traffic to Websites You Flip and Make More
  • Drive Traffic to Websites You Rent
  • Drive Traffic for Pay Per Call Leads
  • Drive Traffic to Lead Generation Sites
  • Drive Traffic to Client Websites and Make Client Income
  • Dominate in Many Languages with Translator Tool
  • Generate YouTube Ad Revenue
  • Build Authority YouTube Channels
  • Build Your Email List by Sending to Lead Gen Pages
  • Resell Traffic to Clients
  • Sell Pre-Roll Ads to Clients
  • Build Video Backlinks in mass for website SEO
  • Build A Full-Time Income From Home

Features of YIVE

YIVE has 5 main video types it can produce depending on what you need:

  • Amazon Product Videos
  • RSS Feed Videos
  • Keyword Videos
  • Videos from URLs
  • Spintax Videos
yive review campaign types
YIVE Campaigns

Amazon Product Videos

When I first signed up with YIVE in early 2019, I pretty much used the Amazon product videos feature to mass-produce videos and upload to niche-specific channels.  At the time I was not making any US referral sales, after a week or so with YIVE videos, I started making Amazon US sales.

The process to start making money from Amazon on YouTube with YIVE is very straightforward, you simply add your Amazon Associates tags, add for all Amazon store regions worldwide if you have them. 

Then you simply search for a product by keyword or ASINS if you want to be really specific.  If you choose the keyword option, YIVE will search for any products matching the keyword and present a filtered list of the best products, you can select or deselect any you don’t want and move on.

Then you just set the video features i.e. slide length, time on slide etc.  YIVE has a great text-to-speech system using both Google and Amazon Polly, both sound fine.  I recommend that you mix it up, have campaigns with and without and test what gets the most views.  I am tending to stick with music only and text on screen.

You then assign the channel or group, assign the Amazon tag and set the number of videos per day and total videos and run the campaign.

That’s it.

YIVE will do all of the work on autopilot, it will fetch the resources, create the script and render the whole video, if you chose to upload it straight away, it will do that too.  

The Amazon product videos are created from the product itself, the product images are used, the review content is used for the script – but only for products with 4 or 5 star ratings.

Does this work?  Ask yourself, how many times have you gone straight to YouTube to search for a product by name just to check reviews, exactly!  I do it all the time.

RSS Feed Videos

I started using this late on to really build up my new YouTube channels but also some of the existing channels.  Having Amazon review videos alone may work for a while but it’s better to diversify and add more content to the channel.

With the RSS feed videos, you can go to any site and grab the RSS feed, enter it into YIVE and the app will fetch the videos, fetch high-quality video content from a 3rd party video provider and create a video based on the article or news story.

Does adding RSS feed videos help?  Yes, this helps tremendously as your channel’s authority is increasing and you are not doing the work – YIVE is boosting your channel.

Keyword Videos

This is another feature I used to boost my YouTube channel authority with content-based videos.  This is similar to Amazon but YIVE searches the internet for the keyword and pulls in content automatically.

There are drawbacks, it is wise to add a list of words that you want to not add to prevent unrelated content from being included.

If you want to check the content first, you can opt to manually upload to an assigned channel or just create the keyword campaign and not assign a channel, you can then check the videos first and assign for upload.

This kinda defeats the object of YIVE as it is a tool for mass creating content on autopilot.  The videos won’t win awards but they will and are proven to, get views and more importantly make you money!

Videos from URLs

This is a new video type, you can create videos from a single or multiple URLs for upload to YouTube.

Why would you need this feature?  Well, if you have a site or you have a client requiring some exposure and traffic, you can take any url from their site and create video content for incredible YouTube traffic.

You can spread a campaign across multiple channels – 100+ channels is common.  This is a great way to get exposure and traffic for any type of website.

Spintax Videos

Spintax videos are used mainly for mass video creation from a spintax script.  Spintax is the term used for the text enclosed within { } brackets, this text will be interpreted by the system and allows for thousands if not millions of combinations of the script, creating unique content.

YIVE Integrations

There are a few additional integrations within YIVE.

YIVE Integrations
YIVE Integrations
  • Twilio
  • Amazon
  • Bitly
  • Syndlab
  • Syndwire
  • AWS S3 – Backup

The Amazon integration is just for the tags you want to use for your Amazon product videos, this covers all available stores worldwide. No Amazon API keys required for YIVE.

The only other one I plan on using is the AWS S3 Backup to send videos to an Amazon AWS bucket for backup.

The Bitly integration allows for bitly link forwarding automated setup.

Twilio is for phone or text verification integration.

Syndwire and Syndlab are for sharing videos once uploaded.

YIVE Video Editor

YIVE actually has a fully usable video editor and creation tool built into the system. It’s not really designed to make custom videos, more to edit created videos.

You an quickly add or remove slides, change text if required, add or remove assets – so images and videos. Even add your own images and videos.

This is a useful feature for making small edits but the YIVE system is all about automation, if you ensure your content is good to begin with, YIVE will make a good video to upload.

Other features

The other big feature still in development is Playlist Booster, there are no exact details but I imaging videos will be added to you playlists belonging to your channels or stacked channels to give an extra boost.  No ETA on this yet but looks promising.

Use Your Own Video allows you to upload your own custom video to send to channels.

The verify tool allows for account verification for creating new accounts, it uses Twillio to provide a number.  I never used this before but I may do so in the future as verification is an ongoing issue when creating mass accounts.

Support is via tickets, this is built into the system so you don’t have to look around for the support link or email.

Export allows you to download your campaigns, youtube links and more, this is useful if you are providing a service for clients.

Another, often overlooked feature, is the translate language option. This will translate the description and tags into multiple languages with a single click and upload to YouTube. Free, easy traffic – works great for digital products.

YIVE OTOs and Upsells

None, nada.

Yes, that’s correct, no upsells or OTOs.  Makes a nice change.

All of the packages offer the same features, the only differences are the Google account limit and Monthly video limit.

500 Accounts2000 Accounts5000 Accounts
3,000 Videos per month10,000 Videos per monthUnlimited Videos
Account Limits for YIVE

If you are new and inexperienced, start with the Starter package, that should be more than enough to make you a real income.  Once you have figured out what works and what can make you more money, move up to the other packages.

YIVE Discounts

At the moment there are no discounts or coupons available for YIVE. If there are any in the future, I will add them.

Do I need Proxies for YIVE?

No!  That is the beauty of the YIVE system, it is cloud-based.  Just enter or mass upload your Gmail accounts and YIVE will maintain them with residential proxies, not cheap datacentre proxies.

You don’t need VPNs either.  Just login to your YIVE control panel and manage your accounts.

How Does YIVE Maintain Accounts?

YIVE has a new system which is the game-changer in this release.  YIVE can season or humanise accounts and stack account properties.  This creates accounts that look like real accounts in use and there is a drastic decrease in chances of Google suspending accounts.

What is YIVE Seasoning and Stacking?

The seasoning and stacking features are from months of development and the main feature of this release.  The system will humanise or season accounts by logging in, viewing videos, searching Google and acting like a real user account.  Before the system would login, upload the video and logout – Google is too smart for that now.

Stacking is also new, it creates properties such as google docs, sheets and other techy properties, links them together and basically stacks them to give channels more stability as properties are interlinked and the accounts are linked with a variety of accounts.

Stacking will also allow your channel to get views from the other stacked accounts increasing views and authority for your channel on autopilot.

yive review seasoning stacking
YIVE Seasoning & Stacking

Both of these features are optional, seasoning is a no brainer, stacking involves properties being interlinked with other YIVE users’ accounts.  Both are worth using but optional.

YIVE Support and Training

There is a section dedicated to video tutorials, best practices and strategies.  The creator, Marcus, wants you to succeed with YIVE. He goes through all of the features in 20+ videos, from beginner use to advanced features.

Not only that, Marcus shares the best practices to protect your accounts and create better, more appealing videos.

Most importantly, Marcus shares strategies on how to make serious money from YIVE.

My only tip is to play the videos at 1.25 or 1.5x speed 🙂


YIVE is probably the number 1 tool in my video marketing, heck my marketing arsenal right now.  Due to time constraints, I like to set up tasks and leave them on autopilot, that is what YIVE is good at!

YIVE is one of those rare completely working tools that does exactly what it says it will do.  If you are sensible and follow the guidance, there is no reason why you can’t become a powerhouse video marketer making a real income working from home.

Nothing is available that does everything YIVE does, YIVE 3 is the complete video marketing tool.


As if buying YIVE was not already a sweet deal, I will add some bonuses if you buy from the links on this page.

First 10 buyers get 2 aged YouTube accounts or 4 fresh YouTube accounts, these will be provided in a spreadsheet ready to import into YIVE.

Aged accounts are often more reliable and long-lasting, fresh accounts are new but you can season them within YIVE.

I will also give you access to the following resources I have licenced just for you:

  • Modern Niche Marketing Guide – Video Course
  • YouTube Authority – Ebook and Video Course
  • YouTube Channel SEO V2 – Video Course
  • Online Video Marketing Secrets – Video Course

All of this is available only when purchasing from a link on this page.

Email me via contact page, give me 24-48 hours to verify and send you the bonuses.

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