Prosociate 4 Plugin Review

What is Prosociate 4?

Prosociate 4 is a popular WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates.  It is similar to other plugins but is well priced and well supported.  It does more than just add links, it imports products using the Amazon API thereby abiding by the Amazon Associates TOS.

Prosociate Alternative

Unfortunately, Prosociate is no longer being developed. I recommend this alternative that works extremely well with WordPress

Who is Prosociate for?

Prosociate 4 is aimed at WordPress users who want to add Amazon Associates affiliate products to their WordPress Woocommerce store.  Because the data imported is via the Amazon API, you should be safe from any Amazon TOS violations.

How does Prosociate 4 work?

The video clip shows the basic operation of finding and importing products.  This is not extensive and I intend to produce my own video and detail the operation of Prosociate 4.

Importing Amazon Products

Importing products into Prosociate is straightforward whether you have 1 or 100 products.

I have tried a few methods on live affiliate sites and stores.  The search function works well but sometimes there are products that do not appear in the results, it could be due to their sales rank, the parameters set in the search options or the Amazon nodes.

I have added products to a live webstore using the CSV import tool.  I had issues with this at first as my Excel file would not import.  I found that saving as a MS-DOS CSV file works successfully and all of my products were imported.

Importing Amazon Images

This is a very important feature in Prosociate 4 and something that was lacking in Prosociate 3.  Amazon have a very strict policy in regards to using images from Amazon products, previous plugins would import images and host them on the webserver.  This is against Amazon Associates terms of service, images should not be imported from Amazon.

The Amazon API allows images to be used remotely so there is no need to download them.  This can affect site speed but is within the Associates TOS so is the only way to use images.

Prosociate Requirements

Prosociate works on any standard web hosting package with WordPress.  Some of the main requirements are:

  • PHP SOAP enabled
  • PHP 5.4+ better to use PHP7
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • Woocommerce

Try Prosociate

Prosociate 4 Review


Prosociate 4 is a great Amazon Associates affiliate WordPress plugin, it is well priced and has good features for adding Amazon products to your WooCommerce store or site.  It also has the added bonus of Ebay affiliates.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Support

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