What is this site and who is behind it? 

The main function of this site is to provide real reviews of products and services that aid web design, development, marketing and ecommerce.  No fake reviews to push sales.  All reviews are written by me (as you can tell!) and all products are tried and tested.  Some I keep and some I don’t – the only way to see if a product is good is to actually try it.

I am a website designer, blogger, internet marketer and online retailer.  Over the years I have used a variety of tools, scripts, hosting packages etc.  I have experience (both good and bad) which I believe can aid others in their quest for the best tools and scripts to get the job done!

If I have used it, I will most likely write a review for it.  I try to avoid pushy reviews or promote items that offer a greater affiliate income just to get an affiliate fee.  I try to keep it honest and straightforward, with little tips and words of advice.

If you have a product that you want me to review, use the contact us form to get in touch – I will choose what to review and I don’t review everything!  If I don’t like it from the outset, I won’t review it.  Please send just one request.

Are all of the products and services purchased? 

In the most part, yes!  I spend my own money on products and services to find out what they are really like.  Sometimes I may cancel if there is a money back guarantee and I don’t see any benefit of the product or service.  I have done this many times where I feel that the product or service is not all it is made out to be.  Sometimes, I will trial products without purchasing and post my findings or a publisher may send me some software to try.  If it was obtained free of charge, I will highlight this.  If I like it, I usually end up buying it.  

Do you only promote affiliate products? 

No, not always.  Realistically speaking, I need to fund my purchases of the products and services so that I can formulate an opinion with real-world usage, affiliate income helps.  If I find a free script or plugin or something cool without any affiliate fee, I will post that too!  My main focus is WordPress and there are literally thousands of plugins to enhance the base installation.  You can find my earnings disclaimer here.

Anything else we should know? 

Not really, just remember that I am a real person writing real reviews, if you are a publisher and are not happy with what I have written, please contact me and correct me if I am wrong – I don’t proclaim to be a professional designer or coder so I may get things wrong in my setup but I am a real end user.  If I have an issue with the product or server, others may have the same issue too.

Please remember – I am giving my opinion as a real end user – whether I like or dislike a product or service, this is my opinion from my real experience – other end users may feel the same.  If I criticise your product, take the criticism from the perspective of an end user and fix up!