KeyCDN Review - best budget friendly cdn

KeyCDN Review – the best budget friendly CDN?

KeyCDN is a very budget-friendly CDN service with multiple servers around the world providing quick access to your websites in locations close to your visitors. KeyCDN offer very reasonable prices and offer a pay as you go service which doesn’t tie you in to long contracts.

Why use KeyCDN?

If you have visitors to your site from around the world, for example a blog, affiliate site, and you cater to these international audiences, speed matters! The faster your visitor can get to your information and affiliate links, the better your site will be regarded by Google and the more commissions you can possibly make.

KeyCDN Review


KeyCDN offers very reasonable pricing which is based on pay as you go rather than a minimum monthly fee or contract. This is a great option when starting out with a small budget as you can control your spend and budget by only spending what you choose to spend and altering as required.

RegionFirst 10TB pmNext 40TB pmNext 100TB pmNext 350TB pm
North America
South Africa
South America

The pricing varies by location, the price is per GB which is a lot of data for a minimal price. As this is pay as you go, you can choose to spend on a particular region and not allocate to other regions.

The minimum recharge is $49 but in most cases, that is enough for the year, this covers 3 zones (sites) that are included for free, each additional zone (site) is charged at $1 per month.

KeyCDN Integration

I use WordPress as my website platform, there are multiple CDN specific plugins available plus most caching plugins also integrate with CDNs including the plugin I use LiteSpeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache and so on. KeyCDN also have their own WordPress plugin called CDN Enabler.

Setup is very easy, after setting up your account (free 30 day trial) you specify the region you want to cache to and are given a CDN URL. The best way to implement this is to set a CNAME to point to that URL, for example is widely used.

You need to allow some time for KeyCDN servers to cache your site and data, the control panel will let you know when it is complete. That is all you need to do, nothing will change for you or your visitors. You will notice that the site runs faster and your visitors will also notice this. I noticed that my sites were using a lot less resources once I implemented CDN to serve site data.

KeyCDN Support

I don’t usually contact support for most of the items I use as I just try to get on with it. I had an issue with KeyCDN setup and could not figure out where I was going wrong. I received a reply in an impressive 22 minutes which is great 🙂

The knowledge base is quite extensive and can be overwhelming for a new users. My issue appears to be with my domain name zone setup and the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate provided. I had to simply delete the zone and re-activate.

keycdn review support
Support reply

If you are looking for an even more budget-friendly CDN provider, read my review on BunnyCDN.

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