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Kinsta Review – the ultimate premium WordPress host?

Kinsta is a relatively new premium WordPress host, they are known for their top end premium hosting – the step before a VPS server. For this reason, they are not the cheapest but are regarded as the best premium WordPress host beating out many larger more popular names.

Kinsta’s technology is based on Google Cloud thus making it super quick and efficient. They offer most of the same features you would expect but their biggest selling point is their speed. We all know, Google loves fast website delivery to users and you can’t get much quicker than Kinsta. Read my Kinsta review to find out why they are my dream host.

Why Kinsta?

Kinsta is for users with a slightly bigger budget and a larger audience or complex store with many products and visitors creating many transactions. Because Kinsta use the Google Cloud Platform exclusively, they use the Google’s premium tier global network for amazingly fast site delivery.

Kinsta are famous for the technical support which is available 24/7, they also help with making your WordPress site more efficient.

What is in the Kinsta package?

Quite a lot actually, Kinsta use the latest software and often use software before everyone else. Kinsta were running PHP 7.3 before some were running PHP 7.2.

You not only get hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, you also get fast CDN to deliver content quicker across the globe. You have a choice of data centres to choose from covering the globe – 18 in total.

They offer a free hack fix service – if your site gets hacked, they will fix it with immediate priority – who else offers that?

As a veteran user of cPanel for my sites, I am a little wary of using custom control panels after my experience with 20i’s custom control panel. The Kinsta custom panel is very powerful and offers some very advanced monitoring and tweaking options to squeeze every bit of speed out of the server for your site.

This has been a brief review, a full review will follow once I have had a bit more time to test the service. My budget does not stretch to Kinsta right now but they are a dream host for me in the future.

How much does Kinsta cost?

As I said before, I consider Kinsta to be top tier hosting, this is reflected in the price. I have only listed the three base packages which are in the reasonably affordable price range, for the remaining packages click here.

StarterProBusiness 1
$30 pm$60 pm$100 pm
1 WordPress Install 2 WordPress Installs5 WordPress Installs
20,000 Visits40,000 Visits100,000 Visits
5GB Disk Space10GB Disk Space15GB Disk Space
Free SSL & CDN Free SSL & CDN Free SSL & CDN

If you choose to pay annually, you receive 2 months free. The price includes free migration.

Try Kinsta today – 30 day money back guarantee

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