RacnNerd Hosting Review

RackNerd Review – Fast Hosting and VPS

I am always on the lookout for an affordable provider to host some WordPress sites, whether they are affiliate sites or starter sites. In my RackNerd review, I will talk about the shared and reseller hosting packages they are now offering.

RackNerd’s core business is VPS and Dedicated servers but they have branched out into website hosting and reseller hosting which is great because they have the capacity to offer lower prices and high spec hosting.

I have 3 services with them currently, 1 website hosting account and 2 VPS accounts – new to VPS but the price was too good to pass on.


I have signed up to a further 3 VPS accounts ranging from $25-50 per year. I am in the process of setting up an email system using free and paid apps. I have several VPS accounts with other providers, but Racknerd have been solid and great value. More on this over the next few weeks.
Racknerd have a promo on now if you want to try a cheap but high quality VPS for yourself, it is worth it if just for the learning experience!

1 x vCPU, 1.5GB RAM, 25GB SSD $17.68 per year / $34.36 2 years
2 x vCPU, 2.5GB RAM 45GB SSD $29.88 per year / $58.76 2 years
3 x vCPU 5GB RAM 80GB SSD $59.68 per year / $118.36 2 years

I have 2 and 3 CPU packages as I noticed my main issues with WordPress sites was the CPU usage, also 2GB+ RAM is recommended for high traffic or Woocommerce sites.

At these prices, you can see why I purchased multiple VPS accounts, usually the cheapest base package is $5 or $10 per month for a 1 vCPU 512MB RAM machine – just enough to run a simple WordPress site.

UPDATE 26/06/2020
I have since added a further more powerful VPS to manage a collection of WordPress sites running Woocommerce and higher traffic sites.

Who are RackNerd?

RackNerd is a US-based provider with servers based in several datacentres in the US as well as London and Amsterdam.

Their web hosting and reseller hosting packages are based in USA, LA to be exact. If you are after a VPS or Dedicated Server, they have multiple US locations alternatively, you can opt for London or Amsterdam.

What packages are available from RackNerd?

In this review, I will go over the web hosting and reseller packages as they are the most common and what I have the most experience with. I will save the VPS review for another review.

All of the hosting accounts are supplied with cPanel which is becoming a rarity since the price debacle several months ago, cPanel is the most popular control panel and most users will have used it previously.

The standard web hosting is available in 3 packages, the difference is the SSD storage space and monthly transfer.

The reseller hosting plans are also in 3 packages, the differences are the SSD storage space, monthly transfer and number of cPanel accounts. WHM control panel is also provided with the reseller hosting packages.

How much does RackNerd hosting cost?

The shared hosting pricing is as follows:

RackNerd Hosting Review - Shared Hosting Pricing
RackNerd Shared Hosting – Pricing

The basic package is enough for most users, you get the added luxury of unlimited addon domains to create more sites.

The reseller hosting pricing is as follows:

RackNerd Review - Reseller hosting pricing
RackNerd Reseller Hosting – Pricing

The reseller hosting is very generous, even on the cheapest package, you get 40GB of SSD storage and 50 cPanel accounts – you could use those accounts to create addon domains if you need more.

I don’t sell hosting, I use reseller hosting to host my own domains in a separate account, that is my preference over addon domains – in my opinion, in the long run, this is the best option,

What are the feature highlights of RackNerd Hosting?

I have had just hosting for about a month now, smooth process and fast server – even when accessing from the UK!

Some of the main features are:

SSD Storage – pretty standard but not everyone offers this
Plenty of storage even in the cheapest packages
Unlimited Domains/Databases with shared hosting (unheard of at this price)
Free SSL certificates – some providers still charge unfortunately
LiteSpeed web server – use the free LiteSpeed cache plugin and boost performance on the server level
Free cPanel – stick with what you know!
Free daily backups – most providers offer weekly or charge for daily
Free migrations – they will move your sites for free – including reseller
(Reseller) Generous cPanel accounts
(Reseller) WHM included

My main reason for joining was the LiteSpeed webserver and cPanel control panel. There is plenty of space provided and you can have unlimited addon domains.

Racknerd VPS Hosting

I intend to make a separate post about Racknerd VPS hosting but I will mention a little about it here just in case that is what you are looking for.

I currently have 5 Racknerd VPS instances for various projects from high traffic WordPress sites, Woocommerce stores and mail servers.

Racknerd review active services

I have Runcloud installed on some of them to manage resources and security, also to aid quick installation of WordPress and apps. Check out Runcloud here.

I use a medium power VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 for Mailwizz (on offer now) to do mass email marketing. Mailwizz is amazingly easy to use and setup but is powerful enough to send 1 million emails in a campaign, maybe more.

I send a few thousand, but it is good to know that a small low $40-$60 single payment can buy a real powerhouse email application.


RackNerd has so far proven to be a reliable, fast and high-quality hosting provider for WordPress sites. They offer excellent value in their packages and the price is cheaper than most top-end providers.

If you are looking for a solid and affordable provider to host your WordPress websites, consider RackNerd Hosting and start saving.

Try RackNerd Hosting now

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