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WPFavs Review – The Fastest Way to Deploy WordPress sites

WordPress is one of, if not the best platforms to start blogging right now – actually the past few years. There are thousands of plugins to install and you can create a beautiful and powerful site in no time at all. One of the most tedious tasks if you regular deploy WordPress sites is the initial install of the bas plugins, such as firewall, analytics and so on. Read my review of WPFavs and find out how it can drastically reduce the time taken to start a new WordPress site.

What is WPFavs?

WPFavs is a service with a plugin to download install free and premium plugins to any WordPress install thus saving time and effort – this is very important if you are setting up many WordPress sites as sometimes do.

Simply sign up at WPFavs site and setup a package of free plugins available from the WordPress repository, after this you will be given an API key to deploy this package onto any WordPress site with the WPFavs free plugin.

If you want to install custom or premium plugins you will need to sign up to a paid plan, this is great because you can add all of your plugins and simply deploy with a few clicks. You can also install plugins directly from CodeCanyon which is a fantastic source of high quality plugins.

wpfavs review howitworks
How WPFavs Works

How much does WPFavs cost?

WPFavs is a freemium plugin, it has a free version and paid plan – the free version is a great starting point and is where I started. After I started using it, I saw the time I was saving and upgraded to the paid package.

The pricing is very simple:

Is WPFavs worth it?

That depends on how many WordPress sites you deploy and how often, I usually deploy several at one time then go for a while without deploying any. For an agency or professional, WPFavs is very cost effective and is a real time saver. If you are just a blogger with 1-2 sites then the free version will do.

One of the key features in the premium version is the custom plugin install, I have about 10-15 free plugins plus at least 10-15 custom premium plugins I install on almost every site. Installing 20-30 plugins for each site takes time – a lot of time!

Try WPFavs

Try this fantastic free and premium WordPress deployment plugin

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