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SEOPress Review – the Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin?

After being an ardent user of Yoast SEO since I started using WordPress, I was having some conflict issues with WordPress 5.x and I started looking around for an alternative. There were a few but one stood out as both a free and premium SEO plugin, SEOPress. A lot of the features are similar to Yoast but the premium features are available at a much more reasonable price.

SEOPress Features

The main features are similar to the free Yoast plugin, customise meta titles and meta description on the post page, create sitemaps and so on. The pro version extends the features by adding some useful features at a fraction of the price of Yoast premium.

One of the features I have begun using is the Schema feature, this is at the bottom of the post and allows for simple and easy adding of Schema markup for Google to pickup and present rich snippets to users.

How much is SEOPress

SEOPress is available as a free plugin or a Pro add-on. The Pro add-on currently costs $39 which is payable as a one-off or per year for future support and updates after the first year. This is for unlimited sites and the price will remain the same for all renewals even when the price increases which it inevitably will.

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