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Pretty Links Pro Plugin Review

What is Pretty Links Pro plugin?

Pretty Links Pro is a premium WordPress plugin which quite simply makes links pretty.  If you have long post links, complicated affiliate links and so on, Pretty Links Pro can create a new much shorter, more social media friendly link to get people to your content.  The Pro plugin expands on the free plugin features by offering additional features such as import and export, additional link types, additional reporting and more.

Who is Pretty Links Pro plugin for?

I think Pretty Links Pro plugin is aimed mainly at affiliate marketers who manage a lot (or a few) affiliate links.  I was previously using cPanel URL redirect to redirect my affiliate links to shorter more memorable links, it became a little tiresome having to login to cPanel and add links or modify links.

For avid blog writers and social media users, pretty links enable shorter links to be created instantly and shared online.  There are reporting and tracking options so each link can be tracked for clicks, very beneficial to quickly check on how well posts are doing and which links are attracting clicks.

How easy is Pretty Links Pro to setup?

Pretty Links Pro is very easy to setup and start creating better links, just like many WordPress plugins, the free version is available straight from the repository.  I created a quick video showing the install process and upgrade to Pro version. 

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