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Site Update and New Reviews – September 2018

Thank you to all of the new visitors to the site, there has been a significant increase in the past several weeks which is great.

Progress has been slower than planned but I have 10-15 reviews in draft awaiting publishing, some require more product testing and some require a video or images to complete.  I expect to have them up over the next few weeks and then stick to a regular schedule.

I have received several offers to try plugins and services, some I have taken and some I have rejected.  I will, of course, be open about what I have purchased and what was given for free as a trial or review copy.

I have also purchased new plugins, themes and signed up for new services, some out of necessity and some out of curiosity.  The world of plugins is always evolving, just when I have a clear idea on what I want to use, another one pops up offering even more bang for my buck!

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