ProRankTracker Review

ProRankTracker Review – Track YouTube, Google and More!

ProRankTracker is a keyword rank tracking service that is not just limited to the usual Google USA tracking but local tracking, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and even YouTube. I just started using the service and have found it to be very useful as it is more feature packed than most and includes YouTube keyword rank tracking whereas most don’t offer this.

Why use ProRankTracker?

I asked myself the same thing, you can check stats in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, why pay for a rank tracking service. ProRankTracker is feature packed and offers so many insights into keyword ranking. The options for search engines is the most I have seen in any rank tracking tool. My main reason was tracking YouTube video keyword ranking, I tried several other tools and nothing worked as well as ProRankTracker, plus the plans are very affordable.

What are the main features?

ProRankTracker is a very useful tool to track keyword ranking across many of the most popular search engines, YouTube and even Amazon.

Search Engines

  • Google
    • Worldwide
    • Local
    • Organic
    • Maps
    • Mobile
    • Local pack listings
    • Local Finder
  • YouTube
  • Google Videos
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Amazon (worldwide)
  • Smaller search engines or non-English including:
    • Ask
    • AOL
    • Lycos
    • Excite

Some of these search engines I have not heard of or not used in many many years! If you have a need for it, they are there,

In my case, the ones I am using are Google, YouTube and I am testing Amazon.

How much does ProRankTracker cost?

At the time I signed up which was around January 2019, the lowest paid package was $19pm for 300 keywords, this was a reasonable cost as it worked well for what I needed which is YouTube rank tracking.

Unfortunately, the price has increased quite a bit to $49 per month or $44 per month paid annually. The keyword terms have increased from 300 to 500 which negates some of the cost plus Site Audits are included.

Month/Annual$49 / $44$89 / $80$129 / $116$180 / $162
Keyword Terms
500 1,000 2,000 3,000+
Unlimited URLsYYYY
Daily Automatic UpdatesYYYY
Updates on DemandXXYY
Sub-Account LoginsX246
Site Audit Sites5102030
MyRanks Client AppXYYY
API/Account ManagerXXXX

I always try to use any service before I spend my money, ProRankTracker do have a free trial for 2 URLs and 20 terms to try the service and see how it works for you, I highly recommend testing first.

This review is in progress, I will add more once I have had some more time to use the service.

Try ProRankTracker today for free!

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