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OneStream.Live Review – the BEST Live Streaming solution?

OneStream.Live is live broadcasting service for sending out pre-recorded content as a live broadcast to the most popular platforms including YouTube, Facebook and even Periscope. The advantage of this is that the broadcaster can interact and manage audience comments whilst not having to worry about being “live”. My OneStream.Live review is based on usage for about a month, mainly on YouTube.

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UPDATE Aug 2020

I signed up again and I will be updating this review, I will also create a tutorial.
I needed this to test live streaming and YouTube ranking and it works very well!
Don’t buy the alternatives as they don’t offer the features that OneStream.Live offer.

What is OneStream.Live?

OneStream.Live is a free and subscription service for broadcasting pre-recorded video content as live to multiple platforms. There are some benefits to this in regards to placement and ranking as live video is given more prominence therefore higher ranking. Also, the broadcaster can interact with their audience in a more coherent way rather than having to stop the content to answer questions.

How much does OneStream.Live cost?

There are currently 4 package available:

  • Free
  • $10pm
  • $45pm
  • $99pm

I tried the free version and found the service to be excellent, withing literally minutes I had a livestream of a pre-recorded video on one of my YouTube channels. All I needed to do was authorise on the OneStream.Live page and allow access via Google login. I then simply uploaded the video to OneStream.Live servers and set the broadcast settings such as title, description, tags, broadcast time and date etc. It was released as an actual live video which was what I wanted.

There are a few caveats to the free plan, there is OneStream.Live branding at the beginning of the description as well as other limitations. I switched to the very reasonable Basic Plan for just $10pm which removed the text and allowed for more streaming time as well as multiple social accounts connected.

Here is a comparison of the OneStream.Live plans:

Plan$0 Free$10 Basic$45 Standard$99 Pro
Live Social Networks1AllAllAll
Queued Streams131530
Max time5 mins15 mins60 mins4 hours
Connected Social Accounts132550
Max file size1GB1GBUnlimitedUnlimited
360 VideoNoYesYesYes
SupportNoEmail24/7 EmailPriority 24/7 + Live

Google Drive & Dropbox Video
Analytics & InsightsNoNoYesYes
Try NowTry NowTry NowTry Now

The biggest factor for me upgrading to Basic was the longer video and connected social accounts options, most of my videos are between 7-13 minutes. I haven’t used Facebook live a lot but all social live networks are support and available above the free plan. Uploading the video the OneStream.Live was no issue so the GoogleDrive and Dropbox remote options are not a big deal for me. If I continue to use as I am, I will soon be upgrading to the Standard plan as I want to create longer videos and add more social accounts.

Using OneStream.Live for YouTube

I have tried a few video recordings sent to YouTube as live streams, one on my ScriptReviewHQ YouTube channel and a couple on other channels. The service is amazingly easy to use, just upload and forget! I tried another service which cost a little more than twice the price for pretty much the same features, it took quite a bit of setting up with API keys, auth codes, stream codes and so on. In the end I gave up and found OneStream.Live.

Depending on the package, there are limitations on the length of the live streamed video, my basic package allows for 15 minutes of video.

oneStreamLive connect addaccount

After signing in to your OneStream.Live account, simply click on the add account option on the control panel.

Depending on your package, the social accounts connected will be limited, in my case, I can only connect 3 active social accounts. If I wanted to add more, I can easy disconnect one and connect a new one.

oneStreamLive connect accounts

The next option is which platform or service do you want to broadcast to, the current main popular services are already integrated.

I only broadcast to YouTube but they have the option of Facebook (profile, page or group), YouTube, Periscope or RTMP which can be used to custom streaming to somewhere such as Twitch.

oneStreamLive connect authorise youtube

I have selected YouTube for this example, as I am on Chrome and logged into several accounts, I can simply select one of these with my YouTube channel for this particular video or I can enter the username and password for another Google account.

oneStreamLive connect authorise youtube account permissions

After connecting to YouTube, you need to verify that you give OneStream.Live permissions to perform the actions listed including accessing Google Drive for remote upload of files, save and edit YouTube videos and Manage your YouTube account.

This is pretty standard for any 3rd party software and not as invasive as it seems. These are required to allow the service to upload the video with the content you have entered and broadcast as live.


oneStreamLive upload youtube

Once you have added the account, you can now upload your pre-recorded video to broadcast to your YouTube or other social media channel as live – this include broadcasting to multiple accounts at the same time. Simply upload the video or upload from the remote storage lo

oneStreamLive schedule stream

Once you have uploaded the video you are taken to the schedule stream setup, here you setup the stream with a title, description, tags, upload date and time, privacy (public, private unlisted), event notification.

Don’t forget to select the correct or multiple social accounts at the bottom. All of the platforms for which accounts are authorised will be listed, simply select or deselect the required streaming platforms or channels.

oneStreamLive scheduled stream

After completing the live stream configuration, simply click Schedule New Stream and that’s it. You can then check on scheduled streams from the main dashboard. If the stream is not live yet, you can modify or delete from here.

oneStreamLive ongoing stream

Once the stream is live, you can also check on it from the main dashboard, stop the stream or grab the Embed Code to place it on a web page or social media.

These are the 3 views from YouTube of the live stream, if you notice in the Viewers View, the bottom left corner displays the Live icon making the video eligible for special Live Streaming identification in the videos listing. The YouTube control centre allows you to manually edit any further details or add cards etc.

This is a very simple process to get your pre-recorded videos live onto Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and others including Twitch. There are no complicated settings or authorisations to setup, simply upload, add your text and start stream.

I highly recommend OneStream.Live as a live broadcasting service for pre-recorded videos onto YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch, it really is easy and affordable – as you can see from my screenshots, it is pretty straightforward.

Try the free trial but it is quite limited, I tried it and got fed up after a few minutes so switched to the basic package for just $10 (at the time of writing) this gave me a real chance to tinker with the settings and get up a real video to see how the system works and to experience how easy it really is to go live with a pre-recorded video on to YouTube.

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