Elementor Review

Elementor Review

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is the premium addon for the popular free Elementor page builder.  Several features are added with the Pro version as well as premade templates.  Elementor is a popular, easy to use, drag and drop page builder which is compatible with almost any WordPress theme.

I am in the process of writing a full review but in the meantime I have been experiencing some issues with Elementor which has soured my experience.

Whilst I love the features, ease of setting up a page and the advanced options, every now and then an error pops up.  I have been getting a popup with the error “This Preview could not be loaded”.  This happens when I try to edit a premade post or page designed in Elementor – not ideal when you need to make changes.

I followed the advice and disabled all plugins and tried to isolate the fault.  I found that the Litespeed cache plugin was conflicting with the latest update of Elementor.  Once I disabled it, I could edit my pages and posts just fine.  That got me thinking, do I really need Elementor to edit my blog posts?  Maybe I should just use it for editing pages and use the standard WordPress editor for blog posts.

Another drawback is the text is contained within Elementor – as with all page builders.  So to edit the text, you need Elementor (free or pro).

I have raised a support ticket with Elementor to see what I can do to overcome this issue with the Litespeed plugin – could be as simple as amending some options in the Litespeed plugin.  

Of all the page builder I have used, Elementor is still my favourite and they have big plans for 2018 and beyond with a theme builder and loads of new features.  This is by no means a negative review, just a grumble about issues I am having.

Elementor 2.0 took Elementor to the next level in page design as it is bundled with a complete theme builder.  This enables you to design the site from top to bottom in Elementor without relying on the theme elements.

This is a fantastic feature for site designers and you have complete control over the appearance and layout on the entire site.

Elementor is still my favourite page builder and I use it on nearly all of my fresh install sites to get the frontpage or landing page looking professional.  I love the integrations to add more features such as Envato Elements.

This review is still in progress – everytime I start there seems to be a new feature.

One important update as of 13/05/2019 is that the licence I am on and many others, Unlimited Licence, has been renamed to Expert and is restricted to 1000 sites.  This is unfortunate but in my case, despite starting new sites almost weekly, I am just into 3 figures.

Full review to follow…

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