UpdraftPlus Review

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin Review

Updraft is my go to backup plugin for WordPress. I have been using it since I started using WordPress. UpdraftPlus is a powerful and flexible backup plugin with local as well as several remote backup storage options including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP and several more.

Why use UpdraftPlus?

Your WordPress site is the fruit of hardwork and many many hours of intense writing – don’t lose it! Many hosts offer weekly backups but that is not good enough, one attack could put your site back a week. With UpdraftPlus, you can easily use free remote storage such as Google Drive to backup on a schedule and auto delete after a set number of backups.

UpdraftPlus Premium Upgrade

UpdraftPlus Premium upgrade is worth the cost as I use it on all of my sites. It costs $84 to $50.40 renewal after discount for 2 sites upto $234/$140 for unlimited. My main reason for upgrading is the option to backup to multiple remote locations.

I use Google Drive and Dropbox, I have also tested Amazon S3, my main preference is my upgraded Google Drive account.

There are quite a few features in addition to this including the migrator tool, incremental backups and much more.

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