Stock Photo Secrets 99 Club Review

Stock Photo Secrets 99Club Review

Stock Photo Secrets 99 Club is a royalty free images resource with 5 million+ high quality royalty free images, vectors and fonts available to download and use immediately.

Not only are there high quality photos but there are vectors, infographics, fonts, banners and so much more.  100,000 new files are added monthly so you will never be short of new images.

Who is 99 Club for?

If you need high quality images for your blog, social content or even commercial production, you will find a massive amount of content in the 99 Club.  Why pay inflated prices for stock images when 99 Club offers so many high quality images as part of a reasonably priced subscription.

How does 99 Club licencing work?

There are 2 options in regard to licencing, standard licence or extended licence.  The annual subscription includes the standard licence, for reselling and large reproduction the extended licence is required.

Resources can be used in both digital and print media so usage on blogs, social media, leaflets etc are all included.

Stock Photo Secrets 99 Club Review - Licences

How much does 99 Club cost?

Stock Photos Secrets 99 Club operates annual subscription, Image Packs or per resource pricing.  I wanted the flexibility to use many images across many of my blogs so I opted for the annual subscription.

The price was $99 and covered 200 XXL image credits.  The subscription is set to auto renew, unfortunately, any credits left over will not rollover to the next subscription.  This is a drawback and negative for me as I would like it to rollover.  To ensure your credits are not wasted, use them up before the expiry date and always download the largest resolution image.

5 Images$39
10 Images $55
25 Images$149

If you use up all 200 of your credits, you can buy additional image packs.  These are not as cost effective as the annual subscription but there is no expiry date.

1 Image$80
5 Images$300
25 Images$1,100

The Extended Licence image packs are priced a little higher as they offer more usage rights i.e. resale, large production runs.  If you have an active subscription, you will receive a 50% discount.

The image packs downloads carry over for 3 months maximum so ensure you only purchase the quantity you need.

This review is for the plan I am subscribed to which is the 99Club annual plan but if you want to spread the cost there are monthly plans and if you want better value, there are annual plans.

How does the credits system work at 99 Club?

Each image download at each resolution offered will cost 1 credit.  I didn’t know this at first and assumed that I could download the other resolution files later.  I contacted support who informed me that the best option was to always download the highest resolution available and resize manually

Images can be downloaded multiple times at the same resolution on the image page or My Account>Review Downloads area.  This will not cost any additional credits unelss you opt to download at a different resolution.

99Club Stock Images

There are 5 million+ images so you should be able to find something that will suit your project.

To see Stock Photos Secrets 99Club in use, watch my short video.  I show the search function, image pages, resolutions, vector images and fonts.


Stock Photo Secrets 99 Club is a great, cost-effective option for stock photo images.  Rather than opt for free stock images, you will find millions of high-quality unique stock images.  Not only that, you can download vector files and unique fonts.

If you have a blog and are regular stuck when looking for unique images, give 99 Club a try and see how easy it is to use.

Try Stock Photos Secret 99 Club

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