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IPVanish Review

What is IPVanish?

IPVanish is a popular VPN software application that works on most devices and setups including PC, MAC, iPhone, Android and even Amazon Fire TV.  IPVanish have servers all around the world and many in popular cities so if one server is busy, you can switch easily.

UPDATE 07/06/18

Recent reports on forums and from various tech outlets have reported that IPVanish may not be as safe and secure when it comes to logging data.  

UPDATE 30/05/18

IPVanish have updated a few things to make their VPN service even more attractive.  The simultaneous connections limit has been raised to 10 – this is industry leading!  The usual is 3-5 but 10 across all platforms is great.

The other addition is live chat support offering 24/7 live support!  I have only needed support once and I contacted them via Twitter but this is  a great addition for quick answers.

Why IPVanish VPN?

I have tried several paid for and free VPN services.  I have stuck with IPVanish VPN because the price is reasonable, the service is excellent, no logs and flexible number of devices.

I use my IPVanish VPN account on my PCs, iPhone and Amazon Fire TV.  I have found the connection to be fast and stable and very reliable.

IPVanish is a tier 1 VPN provider, it may be one of the only such providers.  This means that they own all of their servers and have control over access to those servers.  Other VPN providers only rent space on servers in data centres, they have no direct physical control over the servers.  In such a situation, the data centre can readily hand over servers with user data to authorities.

IPVanish and Data Logging?

This is an update from news circulating on 7th June 2018.  Unfortunately, IPVanish have been storing certain user data and providing this data to authorities when requested.  This goes against their no logging policy.

They still offer a fine VPN service and with the new addition of up to 10 simultaneous connections, I still recommend them – I still have my IPVanish account.

If privacy and logging are your primary concern, I would consider VyprVPN as an alternative to IPVanish.

IPVanish VPN Server Locations Review
IPVanish VPN - server locations

Full review to follow…

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